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According to West Coast Weed Reviews, the genetics of this strain are Kush Mints and Zkittles. I am not too familiar with the variants represented by different colors and if they are different cuts, crosses, or phenos.The colas have a very similar appearance to the Blue Zushi, which I reviewed previous to this review. Dark and light green hues make up the foliage with lots of short, tiny hairs and a light sprinkling of resinous trichome crystals.The nose is a complex mix of floral and citrus notes that marry together, creating intricate sushi notes that are inviting to even those who don’t enjoy seafood.The inhale begins with savory, earthy, complex Z-terps, which I would describe as a mix of floral, citrus, and sushi notes. In contrast, the exhale continues the earthy Z-Terps and has them lingering long after.



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