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The legacy of Erykah Badu only grows with her foray into the cannabis industry. It makes sense that Badu, a Grammy-winning musician, artist, mother, and doula would inspire a vibrant, uplifting hybrid strain of jewel-tone purple buds, curling orange hairs and a slick dusting of trichomes, lush and pungent with aromas of champagne and candied citrus. “That Badu” is a healer, grown by Mad Cow Genetics and bred in collaboration with the legend herself and Cookies’ sister brand Lemonnade, who created this zingy, melodious strain from Jet Fuel Gelato and Lemonchello. It’ll turn you into a different kind of “Bag Lady,” where Tyrone is calling you. You just might call it the “Love of My Life,” because from the first hit, That Badu makes you say “I Want You,” and the high goes “On and On.” So take it easy, one too many tokes of this hitter might send you on a trip “Back In The Day” or all the way into your “Next Lifetime.”



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